President Writes

It is a great honour to be President of an association incorporated in 1961 and serving Indian HVAC&R industry from last 46 years. A long inning indeed! That brings responsibilities too.

Immediate task taken by the undersigned was to send representation to all concerned, starting from Finance Minister to GST Commissioner about need of reduction of GST rate for HVAC & R industry. Our efforts brought at least some fruits. On 10th November when GST rates were revised, for items under HSN Code 8418 and 8419, GST rate is reduced from 28% to 18%.

However, we are not staying silent. Our fight is on for other items as well.

With slow pace in first half of this financial year, we need strong sales during second half to have a meaningful growth in financial year 2017-18. Some green shoots observed recently make us hopeful.

Now we need to to build a common platform for associations operating from different regions and cities. Let us have a common voice so that we are heard at international forums and government corridors. AIACRA will take lead, in this initiative.

With my best wishes to you all and for your family and business during 2018,

Yours truly,


+91- 9810157994

13th November 2017

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