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The Main Objectives of the Association are as follows:

  • Arranges General Body Meeting from time to time in which interim reports of its activities are presented and a detailed review of the industry and trade as a whole is made.
  • The Association operates through expert panels representing various sectors of the Industry. The recommendations of such panels are forwarded to the General Body for final approval and for representing to the Authorities.
  • The Association regularly arranges Seminars, Workshops, interaction with Ministers and Senior Government officials of both central and state governments on issues connected with Air conditioning and Refrigeration Industry and Trades.
  • It arranges and provides facilities for exhibitions, demonstration and lectures from time to time to popularize the trends and development of the Industry.
  • After seeking views and opinions and after pooling knowledge and experiences of various constituents, the Association represents to the Government on matters affecting or likely to affect the Industry and Trade.
  • The Association regularly circulates to the member's News items connected with AC&R Industry and Government Notification and Trade Notices relating to AC&R Industry.
  • The Association brings out a directory of members in which detailed information about each member is given. This publication is widely circulated amongst Industry Associations and Chambers, Government Departments, users of AC&R, Indian consulates abroad and Foreign Missions in India and is displayed and sold in various Exhibitions and Trade Fairs held in INDIA and OVERSEAS.
  • The Association publishes a News Letter in which important and major activities of AIACRA and Zonal Associations are highlighted. Besides, enquires and other information and data on AC&R Industry and Trade is also published.
  • The Association regularly organizes delegations to visit Exhibitions and Trade Fairs in foreign countries like China, Thailand, Germany, Korea, etc.
  • AIACRA brings together the opinions and views of its diverse membership into an effective public voice.

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